100% Handmade

Sweaters, scarves, hats and more ...

Welcome to the world of wonderfully soft knitted, hand-knitted items from the comfort of home. You will find wool sweaters here, those more or less voluminous, woven into intricate weaves or quite simple in form. Hats, scarves or leg warmers, warm, indispensable every autumn and winter, knitted with great care and joy that one day will please the new owner.
In today’s busy world, we want to slow down and remind you of the traditional craft of hand knitting. We believe that less is more, that it is worth betting on timeless, very good quality things that will serve us for many years.

Wool clothes envelop the body giving warmth, they are wonderfully soft and comfortable – see for yourself and admire the knitwear just like I have been raving about them for many, many years.